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Roof Maintenance Program

“As above, so below.“ That maxim couldn’t be more appropriate when it comes to your roof. If you neglect the roof, the rest of the structure suffers. If you take preventative care of the roof, you’ll add many more years to the life of your building. However, when building owners attempt to cut down on expenditures, the roof is not high enough - on the priority list, that is. Not only does a roof system contribute to the integrity of a solid structure, but having a viable roof system helps owners maximize their return on investment. Far too often, the cause of a roof failure is the absence of proper maintenance and inspection. In other words - neglect. Something small and repairable, if left unchecked, can easily turn into a major roof problem. The answer? RoofPro’s Roof Maintenance Program.

The goal of our maintenance program is to:

  • Increase the long term service life of the roof system
  • Allow for financial planning and optimization of the roof system, saving you money long-term
  • Protect the building and its contents
  • Lower the frequency of service calls
  • Reduce the severity of repairs

"Penny wise, pound foolish."

The cost of a having a professionally maintained roof is minor when compared to the cost to replace a roof, or even portions of a roof, prematurely. In order to maximize the service life of a roof system, we recommend annual inspections (as a minimum) to all building owners.

Below are commonly asked questions:

How long will my roof last?

RoofPro’s certified, factory-trained professional roofers will examine the condition of your roof and make recommendations to best prolong the life of your roof. If we can get an additional 5 years out of your 20-year roof, cutting your costs by 25%, we’ll be the first to tell you.

What maintenance is needed?

All roof systems need some degree of maintenance. Areas of flashings, seams and sealants are the usual areas in most need of maintenance. We have experience performing service repairs, leak repairs, snow removal and more. RoofPro’s routine inspections will help catch problems before they worsen and cause great distress.

How much does it cost?

Not having a Maintenance Plan is where things get costly. Minor problems can become large drains on the budget. Maintenance Plans are a small fraction of the cost of a new roof, but are well worth it.

Enrollment in our Maintenance Program automatically entitles you to a discount — with no expiration date as long as you are in the program, on any other work performed by us.

RoofPro offers this low-cost maintenance service so you can save both the roof over your head as well as money in your wallet.

Call (410) 428-6806 for more detailed information.

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